142nd Kentucky Derby

The 142nd Kentucky Derby

The 142nd Kentucky Derby was held on Saturday, May 7th, 2016. This storied horse race has seen many champions run through its’ starting gates, and you can expect this year to be no different. Horses, their owners, and their trainers come from all over the world to compete in this massive equine racing extravaganza. To have the opportunity to race in the Kentucky Derby is one of the highest honors in the thoroughbred racing world. Most of the horses competing are worth more than your average house, and are often pampered accordingly. Three of these well-looked after animals include Creator of Winstar Farms LLC, as well as Mohaymen and Shagaf of Shadwell Stables.

Thoroughbred and Equine Flooring

Perhaps not ironically, all three of these beautiful horses have something very similar in common. They all reside in stables that contain Abacus’s Padenpor Equine flooring. Padenpor is anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, which helps reduce the chance of the horses getting sick. Seamless, resiliency, slip-resistance, and a cushioned (yet firm!) surface are just a few of the other major benefits that these thoroughbreds have the pleasure to enjoy. By utilizing the unique performance properties of Padenpor Equine flooring, these horses and owners now have the opportunity to compete in, and possibly even win the Kentucky Derby!

Whether you have the luxury of making the trip down to Churchill Downs, or you’re watching comfortably from the couch; be sure to keep your eyes on Creator, Mohaymen, and Shagaf as they represent their owners and trainers on one of the biggest horse racing stages in the world!