Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does a floor installation cost?

The cost can vary greatly depending on the size and scope of your project. Factors such as the size of the floor(s), the different materials used, and the amount of customization you want all play in. If you’re not sure you can afford the floor you want right now, you can always go to our contact page and request a quote, completely free, to get a better idea of your cost.

How long do floors typically last?

Most modern floors last for decades when properly cared-for. When you install a new floor, you should expect at minimum several years of constant performance without issues. Our Padenpor product can be resurfaced without needed complete replacement. This extends the life drastically of both floors.

How far can I go in customizing my floor?

We don’t want to say you can do anything, but you can pretty much do anything. Custom colors and logos are available for all the floors we install. Be careful when considering the amount of customization you’ll want. Custom colors can add costs and increase lead times, so you’ll want to plan for that if you’re 100% committed to your custom floor plan.

Is Abacus environmentally friendly?

Abacus installs products that are GreenCircle Certified and qualify facilities for LEED credits.