Animal Flooring you can count on.

Dog Daycares

Specialized floorings provides some vital benefits to dog daycares and kennels, such as sanitation, durability, and slip resistance. Abacus provides a variety of floors for dogs and small animals, including polyurethane and recycled rubber floors.

Horse Stalls

From seamless Padenpor DLX to durable Regupol interlocking rubber pavers, Abacus provides flooring for horse stalls that prioritize comfort, safety, and sanitation. Contact Abacus to take advantage of over 25 years of installation expertise.

Zoo Flooring

As a member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, Abacus realizes that designing spaces for animals takes planning, and above all, good floors. Our nonporous Padenpor is a valuable component of zoo environments.

Create a comfortable and safe environment for your animals. Padenpor animal flooring is safe and easy to clean. It also provides cushion underfoot and anti-slip properties for animals and people alike.

Abacus provides flooring for:

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