The Importance of Horse Flooring

Importance of Horse Flooring


The most common cause for the loss of use in a horse is lameness. Lameness is a structural of functional disorder of the locomotor system.  This causes a stance or walk to be abnormal. A grade 5 level of lameness can be as drastic as a complete inability to move. Many studies have shown that the heel region is accountable for more than a third of all chronic lameness diagnoses. The heel is the part of the horse that is impacting or touching the ground the most.  This makes it the most prone to injury and trauma. The heel of a horse must be healthy to absorb the 80-90% of vibrations from activity.

The Equine Stance

As many people that have been around horses know, they spend most of their time standing. They can stand for a very long time without getting tired. Horses sleep standing up so that they are always prepared to run. A “stay apparatus” in their legs gives them the ability to relax their muscles while standing in a way that they will not fall over. Most of its weight goes to the two forelegs and a hind leg, while the other leg will relax with the hoof resting up on its toe.

The stay function is engaged by shifting the hip position. Horses spend a small amount of their time lying down.  Lying in one position for an extended time can actually injure a horse, so it is obvious how important the foot of a horse is.  Impacts from trotting, running and jumping also play a large role in the health of a foot.

Abacus’ Role in Horse Well-being

Abacus Sports offers resilient horse flooring that has many applications including stalls, pens, and aisle ways.  Abacus Installed PADENPOR DLX  in state-of-the-art veterinary facilities.  It is installed for treatment areas and surgical rooms.  PADENPOR DLX flooring can be tailored with different densities and thicknesses to meet any equine flooring needs. Farms, research facilities, zoos and many other places benefit from our floor.  Abacus is here to provide a long lasting and clean environment that can combined with a drainage system for ease of sanitation.

Our floors will help better protect your horses and other animals from injuries and traumatic, chronic diseases.  PADENPOR flooring has been proven to remain 99.9% bacteria-free when cleaned in conjunction with proper bio-security cleaning. PADENPOR DLX  seen at reputable locations like Shadwell Farms and the University of Tennessee. We care about our customers, the environment and the animals being cared for.

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