5 Healthy Horse Tips for the Winter

The warm weather has a lot of riders pulling their healthy horse out of the stalls and into the field, but the winter is not over yet.  Weather analyst have forecaster another big freeze or two before the spring begins to take hold.  Here are 5 tips in keeping your healthy horse happy and fit during the winter!

1. Don’t Let His Water Freeze Over!

Proper hydration is key for our animals and iced over water or snow is no substitution for fresh clean drinking water.  There is a risk of impaction colic if your horse doesn’t have access to fresh liquid water so it is good to check troughs regularly or to invest in a heating device designed for keeping the water in its liquid state.  Also it is always good to check the water supply during scheduled mucking and feeding times to help ensure that your healthy horse has what he needs to be successful.

2. Keep Exercising!

Horses, just like humans, need to exercise all year round.  A healthy horse needs to be taken out and worked ideally once a day.  Reinholds Horse Wellness has an excellent article on some exercises you can do with your horse!  Even on cold days it is important that your horse has his muscles worked.  Stagnant horses can lead to joint pain and muscle aches when the spring rolls around and you take your horse back out.  Also it can lead to unhealthy weight loss or weight gain depending on winter feeding schedules.

3. Do Not Forget a Healthy Horse Needs Hoof Care!

Ridden or not all horses need regular farrier care.  Six to eight weeks is the recommended time span to go in between appointments.  It is best to use a trusted farrier that can follow a winter schedule.  Finding local farriers to keep your horse healthy is an important task that can be accomplished by contacting local barns or event planners and asking for references.

4. Fresh Air is Still Important!

All animals, just like humans, need fresh air every now and again.  A barn that is closed up for the winter is harmful to the horse and increases the risk of airborne dust and allergens.  Investing in a weatherproof blanket can keep him warm and breathing easy! Try to keep doors open and windows cracked to allow for proper airflow.

5. Finally, Keep Them Comfortable!

A healthy horse should be warm, exposed to fresh air, and comfortable. This is especially important in the winter.  A good way to insure this is by providing them with a good pad to stand on.  Padenpor DLX is an equine flooring that is resilient to the weather, rubber padding that is veterinary grade and is bio-secure. This cleanable and long lasting rubber pad will ensure your healthy horse is happy and comfortable over the winter months.  Walkways and tack areas should be just as comfortable.  Rubber Pavers like the ones at Arlington International Raceway and Suffolk Downs are a great impact absorbing material to keep your horse in great health. 


Keeping your horse healthy is a task that all riders face over the winter months.  Maintaining unfrozen water along with keeping them warm and in shape is important during the winter months as it is all year around.  This allows your horse to have fresh air that they need to keep them from developing respiratory problems caused by locked down barns with no air circulation.  Above all they need to stay comfortable.  The floors that they stand on for those extended periods over the winter is important.  Padenpor DLX is the best way to ensure your horse is comfortable and healthy throughout these winter months.  Contact Abacus at (717)-560-8050 for inquiries or information.