Equine Flooring

Equine Flooring

What kinds of products/services do you sell?

When considering what type of equine flooring you should have for your stalls and alleyways, Abacus Surfaces, Inc. allows for a simple solution: slip-resistant and bacteria-free rubber flooring. Specialized flooring for breeding barns and Equine Hospitals, and Vet clinics. It is a highly specialized flooring system for elite barns and where the concern for bacteria
is paramount.  We contract with Abacus Sports to install this, abacussports.staging.wpengine.com

We sell direct to the consumer rubber pavers, rubber tiles, stall mats and other resilient flooring.  This way the consumer can install it themselves or we can provide installation.

What geographic areas do you cover?

The majority of our equine installations have been in the east cost concentrating in Kentucky, Florida, Pennsylvania and New England.  We cover the whole United States.  We have many installations in Colorado and California too.  We ship or travel to where the customer is located.

What other related services do you provide?

Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Abacus Surfaces offers products coveted by horse owners, especially facilities where cleanliness is a key concern. The two main equine products that Abacus offers are a seamless rubber flooring system and a rubber paver system. The seamless system goes by the trademark Padenpor.  Abacus deals with exercise flooring, playgrounds and other rubber products.


How does your company stand apart from competitors?

Founded in 1991, Abacus Surfaces has grown into a nationally respected manufacturer, distributor and contractor of equine flooring surfaces. We try to put the customer forefront in everything we do.  Satisfaction is very important to us and we try to make every customer feel respected and excited about the products that they have purchased from us.


What do you want emphasized about your company?

To undergo such extensive projects as racetracks and breeding sheds, a quality product must be the main focal point. We deal with the top of the line products available, because we want to deal with the best and be the best.